Green Bean That Helps You Lose Weight

doctor-rightStudies show that in the United States there is a high percentage of obesity in adults. Trying fad diet after fad diet without significant weight loss can be very stressful and frustrating. Look no further- Supreme Green Beans are to the rescue. Green Beans are weight loss capsules containing 100% natural green coffee bean coffee extract. This extract has been medically proven to accelerate weight loss. These capsules contain the greenest of coffee beans before they fully ripen, and each bean is packed full of antioxidants to support healthy weight loss.

Famous television show host and real medical doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz organized a show study for the “Dr. Oz Show” in which many overweight adults were administered the supreme green bean coffee extract capsule for a 12 week period. Every day participants would take 3 capsules a day, before breakfast, lunch and dinner. On average each participant had weight loss amount of 18 lbs.

Green Coffee Bean Testimonials

Testimonials on the Natural Green Bean Coffee website provide examples of real people struggling to loss weight. After first trying the supplement most raved about its positive results. Even the most over-weight clients claimed that the green coffee extract promoted weight loss when many felt like they were ready to give up on hope.


Recommended by doctors and dietitians,Green Bean capsules can be ordered by logging on to the website. One – 60 count bottle, which can help loss up to 31 pounds, is on sale from $137.95 to a even lower price of $63.95. The website also has a sale on a two bottle deal. Two – 60 count bottles, which can help loss up to 65 pounds, was originally $197.95 and now is $93.95

Using the Green Bean capsules for weight loss is a great way to naturally lose weight. It is a slower working supplement because it is 100% all natural and immediate results should not be expected. Given time and patience, the supreme green coffee bean extract will promote weight loss. Exercise and a healthy diet can further optimize weight loss if used in tandem with the Green Bean extract.

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